Update Today! WordPress 4.2 has New Features

WordPress 4.2, the latest release brings your website new power. This newest version of WordPress released last week, and it brings improved communications powers to your website. Besides being the first major WordPress update this year, it also fixes issues and adds great new features that you’ll use

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WordPress backups: What you need to know

There’s almost nothing more important than regularly backing up your site. Whether you’re updating to the most recent version of WordPress, making major changes to your site, or trying out new plug-ins, having a reliable set of WordPress backups is of the utmost importance. Having an up

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3 Tips for improving WordPress security

No system is fully secure, WordPress included. No matter whether you’re running a website for your small business, a personal blog, or online resume and portfolio, ensuring your site is secure is extremely important. Here are three easy tips to follow to improve WordPress security: Don’t

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4 Things to do Before WordPress Updates

Keeping on top of WordPress updates is extremely important, patching security holes, fixing bugs, and improving user experience. Before updating your WordPress installation, though, run through this quick checklist to make sure you got everything right. Check WordPress Update Requirements: Make sure your web host has the most current versions

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New WordPress security measure

As a blog writer, you know perfectly well that inspiration can strike you at inopportune times. One way of dealing with those bursts of information is by utilizing one of the great aspects of WordPress: the ability to log in and blog from any computer

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What You Need to Know About WordPress Updates

WordPress is indisputably the most popular platform for web design. Its open source software allows users to benefit from a community of designers who build themes and plugins that add functionality and other benefits.  It’s not, however, a CMS that you can set up and

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5 WordPress Security Best Practices

While there is no way to ensure your site is 100% safe, strengthening or eliminating your WordPress security vulnerabilities can be done with just a little extra effort and maintenance. Check out our top five WordPress security best practices for protecting yourself. Admin Access When you

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Starting out on WordPress

For a newbie, WordPress is a little overwhelming to navigate. Signing up for a blog takes less time than actually customizing it to fit your needs and tastes. You’ll need to choose a theme first, then add widgets and connect it to social media in

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WordPress – A Target for Viruses

According to a Forbes report, published in December, 2014, WordPress is now the most popular web page development and CMS system on the internet. WordPress is an open source system, available free, that makes creating a blog or webpage relatively simple. The system provides creation

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