Blog Promotion Techniques: Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to WordPress and the marketing industry, there are countless ways to promote your blog. Whether you’re looking to share on social media, or are trying to get connected with famous bloggers from around the world, blog promotion techniques are important for many reasons. Speaking of which, there are also a few mistakes newcomers may make when they start promoting. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

Not Engaging With Your Audience

One of the biggest mistakes when promoting your blog, especially if you’re a newcomer, is not actively engaging with your audience, especially once you’ve shared enough content with them. While what your promoting may be unique and interesting, people may begin to lose interest if you don’t make any attempts to interact or connect with them. For example, let’s say you’re sharing your WordPress blog via Facebook or Twitter, and a few of your followers comment on the content. While it’s great that there are people actively engaging your material, you need to interact with them as well. However, don’t just respond to any comments that were made, but challenge them and ask questions as well. Social media is a two-way street that involves interactions on both ends of the spectrum.

Aggressive Promoting 

Many newcomers are so determined when promoting their blog, it becomes an aggressive sales pitch. This may turn people away, as research even shows that people generally do not like being sold to. That’s not implying you shouldn’t sell to them, but it means you shouldn’t do so in a way where your marketing loses its appeal. Not only should you allow your audience to follow through without feeling pressured, but find a way to appeal to them as well. For example, what unique content is there on your WordPress blog, and how will it manage to get your audience’s attention? By using unique and relatable content, your audience will come to you on their own terms, without feeling forced to do so by an overly aggressive sales pitch.

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