Blog Commenting: The Blog Promotion Technique That Works

Compared to many other different blog promotion techniques, blog commenting is very personal. Why? Because a blog comment is directed at only one person, either the author of the post or one of the other commenters. Making an insightful comment or asking a question gets the person’s attention fast.

While blog commenting won’t reach as many people as a video or SEO marketing campaign, it will generate high quality leads and build relationships with influential bloggers and business owners in your niche. Blog commenting not only is an effective blog promotion technique, it’s good old-fashioned networking that will build connections and create opportunities. Networking is an essential skill for building successful blogs and businesses.

However, there is a wrong way of approaching blog commenting that will damage your reputation. This is to treat blog commenting as a pure link building exercise. Using software that leaves generic comments or doing the same manually will get you labeled as a spammer. The links that you build up this way will have limited to no SEO value, and may even hurt your search ranking because it’s an obvious link building scheme that Google penalizes.

Effective Blog Commenting

If you own dozens of blogs about varied topics, blog commenting will be very difficult because you will lack both the passion for and knowledge of your topics. On the other hand, if you blog for a niche that you care about, your insightful comments will be real and beneficial to others reading it.

Find blogs that you like, read their latest posts, and leave interesting comments. If there’s something you don’t understand, ask a question about it. Good questions work as well as good comments. If you’ve belonged to forums where you actively participated and made online friends in the process, blog commenting has a similar dynamic.

By being a regular on the blogs you’ve targeted (which should include influential bloggers), the blog owners or post authors will reciprocate and post comments on your blog. Other commenters will become familiar with you as well and check out your blog.

After several months of commenting on your favorite blogs, you will notice a difference in your blog’s engagement level. It will be alive with comments and back and forth conversation. Posts full of comments is social proof that a blog is worth visiting. Search engine traffic that visits your site will have more sticking power, and hopefully you will take advantage of this by building up an email list.

Remember to respond to comments on your posts as this will motivate people to return. It also increases your blog comment count which many visitors use as social proof. Ideally, reading and commenting on the posts of your target blogs will be enjoyable to the point where it doesn’t seem like work.

Use the above blog commenting advice to get more exposure, recognition, and traffic. For more blog promotion tips and strategies, contact us at WP Support HQ.