Blog Promotion Techniques That Get Traffic

With the millions of blogs on the Internet today, creating unique and useful content and waiting for the search engines to send traffic isn’t enough. You will have to take an active approach to get your blog posts noticed. Many bloggers don’t spend nearly enough time actively promoting their existing content. Here are two effective blog promotion techniques for increasing your traffic and exposure:

Write Guest Posts

Writing guest posts for established and popular blogs in your niche is a kind of barter. In return for providing an outstanding blog post, you get exposure as well as a link back to your blog. Readers intrigued by your post will want to read more of your content and follow the link to your site. The more popular the blog, the more traffic your blog posts generate.

More important than the immediate traffic sent your way, is your exposure. By pursuing an active guest posting program that targets as many influential blogs as possible, your name and face will seem to be “everywhere” in the blogosphere associated with your niche. People will begin to recognize you independently of the blogs that featured your guest posts.

Convert Your Blog Content to Video

Content creation is not an easy task and it’s in your best interest to get as much mileage from your posts as you can. One way of doing this is transforming your written content into video. Of course, not every post will be suitable for this as it’s written. You may have to pull out the most important points of a post or posts for your video.

There are a number of video types that you can create. However, the simplest type is also the most effective, which is to record yourself giving advice or tips on topics that are important to your niche. To get an idea of what these videos are like, visit YouTube and search for advice or tips videos. Pay attention to those videos that are well received.

Use material from your most popular blog posts. Submit your videos to YouTube, which is a search engine in its own right and is a great traffic source for your blog.

Use the above blog promotion techniques to get more exposure, recognition, and traffic. For more traffic tips and strategies, contact us at WP Support HQ.