Why WordPress and SEO Make a Perfect Combination

A website can have exceptional content, but it needs to have the whole package to really rank well in the search engines, and this includes search engine optimization. While custom-designed websites can certainly provide great SEO, WordPress websites are just so ideal for excelling in SEO.

Proper Tags and Categories

When you create content on your website, you should know how to tag and categorize. Creating a new category or tag will create a new page on your website, which can be ranked in the search engines. WordPress makes it simple to create as many tags and categories as you want or need.


For your website to rank well in the search engines, you need to have consistency in the URLs. WordPress makes it easy to determine whether you want the “www” to show before the website name, and there are various plugins that will help you define the URLs for each page of your website.

Useful Plugins

WordPress is home to millions of plugins, some that are much more useful than others. However, you can do just about anything you want to with the plugins that are currently available. It is essential to take advantage of plugins that allow you to change the Meta Title and Meta Description for the pages on your website as they dictate what people will see when looking at your results in the search engines.

SEO-Friendly Themes

While WordPress and SEO already have a pretty strong relationship on their own, you can make it even stronger by investing in WordPress themes that further improve the search engine optimization. Instead of trying to do a lot of work that you do not know how to do, you can just let the theme designers do the work for you.

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