The Importance of Optimal WordPress Speed

WordPress is the most popular content management system, used and improved by millions of webmasters and developers. Its open source development has made it a favorite among programmers and web developers. When it comes to optimizing the speed of a WordPress website, there are many things to consider.

Why is speed important?

User experience – A visitor’s first impression of your website is made in the few seconds it takes for them to analyze what is on the screen. If your website doesn’t load quickly, their first impression can’t even be made and their perception of your website is negative from the beginning. They immediately noticed a slow load time, images failing to appear and an inability to browse the website efficiently. In other words, your visitors will have very little reason to stay and even less reason to return.

SEO – Search engines want the best websites ranking at the top of their listings. “Best” generally means the best content, as this ensures the user will have a good experience. However, a slow website degrades user experience as we just discussed, which means search engines have little reason to rank a website that loads slowly. Having optimal WordPress speed will increase your chances have moving up the rankings quickly.

How can you improve WordPress speed?

Aside from choosing a good web host with SSD hard drives, there are several plugins that you should consider. WordPress is famous for its giant library of free plugins. There are plugins to accomplish a variety of needs, from installing a contact form to having a full fledged shopping cart on your website. Fortunately, there are also dozens of plugins for improving WordPress speed.

W3 Total Cache – This is a caching plugin that provides browser, page, object, database and minify caching. With CDN, content delivery network integration, it is the leading caching plugin.

WP Optimize – This is a database cleansing plugin that will help large websites de-clutter their database and free up space. It can clear spam comments, old posts, trashed items and much more.

Image Optimizer – This is not a specific plugin as there are several of these available. Image optimizers reduce image file sizes, leading to less strain on your server.

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