On Your Own

I have three important posts that every successful WordPress owner should read and implement. These are pretty easy to get done and go a long way to protecting your investment.

Start there, it’s where we start when we setup a new site under our care. With these things in place, you can confidently start taking on more improvements to your WordPress site.

With Our Services: What to Expect

If you decide to have us protect your website, here’s a simplified overview of what we do.

1. Setup: We set you up for success.

We’ll install some plugins to enable “Brute Force Protection”, setup off-site backups, update existing plugins, install comment spam protection, fix common security issues, and remove unused plugins and themes.

2. Ongoing: We’re looking out for you.

With all that in place. We make sure backups are happening daily. We monitor security releases and update any plugins that have a security issues fixed. And watch for new plugins that do the same job better, and when it makes sense switch those out.

3. Support: We’re here for you.

  • Have a weird CSS issue that you need fixed?
  • Wondering what the best plugin for something is?
  • Want us to install and configure a new plugin for you?

We can handle all of those and a bunch more, usually covered under your monthly rate and just an email away.

Thank You!

We’re here to help. I want to hear about your successes, growing pains, and blocking issues. That way I can provide great resources and we can grow together.

Please feel free to Contact Us!

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